alternative uses for portable storage units
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alternative uses for portable storage units

Portable storage units are useful in many different situations. If you are looking to get some extra stuff out of your home so that you can get some renovating projects completed or just to decrease the clutter, you can have a storage container dropped off right at your front door. What else could you use this service for? My blog is filled with tips and ideas about how to use portable storage units to make your life a little bit easier. Maybe, you will find a use for portable storage unit that you have not even considered in the past, but comes in extremely handy.


alternative uses for portable storage units

3 Major Tips For Moving During The Summer Season

Zeynel Hofkamp

Moving during the summer season can be pretty hectic if you are not prepared for it. Below are three major tips to help facilitate your summer relocation.

1. Prevent Heat-Related Injuries

Moving during the hot season increases the risk of moving-related injuries. The combination of physical work and high temperatures can lead to exhaustion and dehydration, which can lead to several health problems. Below are a few steps you can take to avoid such problems.

Wear Appropriate Clothing

Heavy clothing will make you hot and get you tired fast. Instead, wear light clothing, preferably light-colored, which will help you keep cool for long.

Start Early In the Day

The mornings tend to be cool even during the summer season. Therefore, start your moving preparations early in the day so that you are done with the heavy stuff by the time it gets hot.

Hydrate Appropriately

Dehydration is not good for your health, but you can easily keep it at bay by taking regular sips of water throughout the day. Don't forget about your movers, too; they also need to hydrate so you should provide them with drinking water too.

Apply Sunscreen

If you are working outside, apply sunscreen on the exposed parts of your body to deal with sunburn. It also helps to wear glasses and a hat to keep direct sunlight at bay.

2. Prevent Heat Damage

It is not just your health that can be affected by the heat; even your valuables can suffer heat damage if you don't protect them. Luckily, the following precautions can help protect your belongings.

Avoid Direct Sunlight

Keep the vulnerable items inside the house for as long as possible to keep them away from direct sunlight. If you have to take them outside for some time, ensure they are always in the shade.

Park Them Last

Ideally, you should pack the delicate items last. This will ensure they are under the protection of the air-conditioned indoors for as long as possible.

Unload them First

Once the moving truck reaches its destination, get the items that are vulnerable to heat damage out of the truck first. That way, you can take them into the house (that is hopefully air-conditioned) immediately. 

3. Understand it's The Peak Season

Lastly, you should know that the summer season is the peak of the moving season. Many people prefer moving during this period because schools are out and they can avoid interruptions. Here are a few tips to help you move during the peak season.

Book Early

Most movers will be busy during this period. Ensure you book a firm moving date early so that you can move with your chosen mover. Booking early may also help you keep costs down since last-minute bookings are likely to be costly.

Avoid Holiday Weekends

The summer holiday as a whole tends to be busy for movers. However, the situation tends to be worse during holiday weekends, so you should not schedule your move during a holiday weekend if possible. 

Contact a local moving company for more information.